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Alec Macleod, Architect at Intelligent Design says ...

As a house designer more familiar with super-airtight, super-insulated timber frame as a preferred method of construction, working with ICF, and Stanchura as a contractor, has come as a very pleasant surprise. ICF has many benefits, not least the ease by which a poured construction can achieve an airtight envelope, coupled with low U-values, but I have also been struck generally by the simplicity of the method and all this means for detailing and the corresponding impact on supervision. After simplicity

I would add in versatility. I was surprised, for example, by how well this method performed in a basement scenario, both in retaining and in receiving an effective waterproofing treatment. In the end, though, it is the very fact of the solidity of this construction, whilst still providing the same energy responsive envelope of a timber frame resulting from the mass structure being isolated by the inner layer of insulation, that is so appealing. I will use it again.  

Alec designed the stunning cliffside property in Downderry, Cornwall  


Natural Retreat

Exclusive Cornish riverside property, cleverly integrated into the hillside with underground basement and extensive ground and first floors.

In progress


Impressive 4 storey development with split level basement, extensive use

of glass, inverted living space and balconies to make the most of the Cornish coastal views.

Superstructure completed

Designer Luxury

State of the art 5 bedroom family home in Cornwall with basement swimming pool and gym, separate annexe and double garage.

Superstructure completed

8 Finished house.jpeg
16 Roof complete.jpeg
Cornish Lookout

A unique property in an area of outstanding natural beauty with panoramic

views to St Agnes.

Superstructure completed

Doubling Up

An excellent example of maximising a site footprint; replacing a single bungalow with two houses, both with basements and sweeping countryside views.

Superstructure completed

Country Living

Large 4 bedroom family home in Cornwall with inverted accommodation and semi-retained triple

dormer garage.

Superstructure completed

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