Whatever You Build ... Build Efficient


With Stanchura, you have the best of both worlds; freedom of design combined with all the efficiency benefits provided by this progressive build system.

Stanchura specialise in insulated concrete formwork (ICF) and CSSW accredited structural waterproofing, enabling you to make the most of your build space, even build into or under

the ground.

ICF Superstructures


Stanchura have been at the forefront of ICF development in the UK for 16 years.  ICF originated in Canada over 50 years' ago and is now an established method of construction in the UK in recognition of its many benefits.  The ICF system we use is BBA certified with complete warranty provision and is fully mortgageable.  


This ICF system is essentially comprised of extruded polystyrene panels held together by a simple system of rails and ties and then infilled with concrete.  As a panel system, it offers greater design flexibility than other block or modular ICF systems.  Panels are simply cut to size to the desired wall length and height and to accommodate windows, doors, curves and other design features.


  • From conventional builds to state of the art modern structures, this ICF system can accommodate all types, shapes and sizes of build including basements, single and multiple house developments, apartments, retaining walls, even swimming pools.  

  • Foundations and rising walls can also be built from the ICF system, providing a single solution from ground to wall plate level.  

  • To complete the build, the ICF formwork can be clad with any external finish you choose.



  • Superior energy performance is a major benefit, with low U values, exceptional airtightness, insulation and soundproofing.

  • Low environmental impact is ensured from the use of extruded polystyrene and recycled plastic formwork.  

  • Maximise build time with this lightweight, all weather system. 

  • In-built protection and strength from a monolithic concrete core, mould and water resistant, non-toxic polystyrene.

Structural Waterproofing


Stanchura provide a full structural waterproofing service with CSSW accreditation (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing), encompassing:

  • Site assessment

  • Liaison with appropriate stakeholders eg. client, architect, structural engineer

  • Provision of a detailed structural waterproofing plan

  • Installation of recommended solution with 10 year insurance backed guarantee.